Oh gosh I haven’t updated my blog for 2 years because I have been having diarrhoea! And boy did time fly. Well, I’m gonna try to at least make this blog look like it is somewhat alive, but no guarantees. Wish me luck!


P/S: I said “TRY” because I’m not like some passionate¬†hardcore-insane-crazy bloggers like my good friend Naomi. I tend to forget this blog from time to time. Hehe.

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Riding With The King

Blues is always my favourite type of music. It makes me relax after listening to some intense rock like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, John Petrucci or Dream Theatre. This particular one is my favourite. Enjoy!

The title is “Riding With The King” by B.B. King and Eric Clapton. Two awesome blues legends produced this piece of ultimate awesomeness.


Eric Clapton & B.B. King- Riding With The King

    I dreamed I had a good job and I got well paid.
    I blew it all at the penny arcade.
    A hundred dollars on a kewpie doll.
    No pretty chick is gonna make me crawl.

    Get on a TWA to the promised land.
    Every woman, child and man
    Gets a Cadillac and a great big diamond ring.
    Don't you know you're riding with the king?

    He's on a mission of mercy to the new frontier,
    He's gonna check us all on out of here.
    Up to that mansion on a hill
    Where you can get your prescription filled.

    Get on a TWA to the promised land.
    Everybody clap your hands.
    And don't you just love the way that he sings?
    Don't you know we're riding with the king?
    Riding with the king.
    Don't you know we're riding with the king?

    A tuxedo and shiny 335.
    You can see it in his face, the blue never lie.
    Tonight everybody's getting their angel wings.
    And don't you know we're riding with the king? 

    I stepped out of Mississippi when I was ten years old
    With a suit cut sharp as a razor and a heart made of gold.
    I had a guitar hanging just about waist high
    And I'm gonna play this thing until the day I die.

    Don't you know we're riding with the king?
    Don't you know we're riding with the king?
    Riding, you're riding with the king.
    You're riding, you're riding with the king.
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Zack Kim

Last time he used to be a nobody. But now, thanks to YouTube, he is kind of like a superstar with his ability to play 2 guitars at the same time.

I was looking through my old pictures and found out that I actually have a picture with him.

This is one of his great works:

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The Whole New Realization

Life is more than making money. Period.

Before this I was so enthusiastic about getting a job here during summer, earn a lot of money and wanted to have an easier life next year. That was my way too early 2009 new year resolution made in 2008. No doubt all students have issues with money. Guess if it isn’t managed well, it will continue to be an issue even if I became the CEO of Santos that earns like 2 million freaking dollars a year. But it is just hard to just survive the pathetic amount of money Petronas gives us as allowance. Say I’m ungrateful and all the crap (I wonder why I get this a lot from fellow Petronas scholars). Face the fact, the amount is barely enough. Living tight is the only way to deal with this tight budget. If you can make it through monthly with this amount, good on you, God bless you. But not for me. So why bother flaring me with all the ungrateful bull-crap?

Anyway, don’t want to get too personal here. I’ve got a job throughout summer in Santos. They pay me well, treat me well, I’m not in lack. But I still feel there is something missing. Friends, I have them here. Andrew, Ruey, Yun, Delia, David and a lot more guys have been giving me support. Thanks guys! I have the things I want here. But then I start to think to myself, now what? Finally I’ve come to a realization, that what I am truely missing is life. I want to go home and spend time with my family. I want to stay at home and feel the comfort of home. I want to sometimes travel to JB and look for my dear. I want to hang out with my bunch of friends, like Bernard, Phillip, Clement, Abelene, Naomi, Phoebe, Chew Ming and so many more. There is more to life than just wanting to earn and save a lot of money so that life would be easier next year. It is more than being able to not worry about money. Money is not everything.

Perhaps I got the whole idea wrong since the start. Money shouldn’t be my only focus throughout the whole thing that I’m doing right now. There must be more to that. If not, this whole things is just shallow and meaningless. I’m sure God blessed me with this amazing opportunity for my own good. I’m sure He wanted to teach me something out of this. Maybe this is what He wanted me to realize. I’ve to admit that I haven’t been listening for a long time and I really miss Him. I miss the moments when Jesus or the Holy Spirit would just whisper words into my heart, that makes me feel so comforted and strong. I miss being so close to Him. I want to go back to my first love, to get back close to my heavenly Father again. I need to listen again. Listening to all the christian songs doesn’t mean listening to God at all. I want to listen to what God has to say to me personally.

I’ve changed my 2009 resolution. To get back closer to Jesus, to get the most out of life, to cherish what I have in life and appreciate them (like the love I found with Shee Laine, my family), to cherish the relationship I have with the people around me and to manage my money well, rather than earning more and more but losing more and more at the same time.

Now this, is life.

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The Power of Your Name – Lincoln Brewster [Today Is The Day]

This is such a powerful song by Lincoln Brewster, featuring Darlene Zsech from Hillsong. This is truely an annointed song that will bring conviction to people’s heart about the things that are going on in the world today and to be a part of the chosen ones of Christ to make a change and bring hope.

Surely children weren’t made for the streets
And fathers were not made to leave
Surely this isn’t how it should be
Let Your Kingdom come

Surely nations were not made for war
Or the broken meant to be ignored
Surely this just can’t be what You saw
Let Your Kingdom come
Here in my heart

I will live
To carry Your compassion
To love a world that’s broken
To be Your hands and feet
I will give
With the life that I’ve been given
And go beyond religion
To see the world be changed
By the power of Your name

Surely life wasn’t made to regret
And the lost were not made to forget
Surely faith without action is dead
Let Your Kingdom come
Lord break this heart

Your name
Is a shelter for the hurting
Jesus Your name
Is a refuge for the weak
Only Your name
Can redeem the undeserving
Jesus Your name
Holds everything I need

Note: All copyrights of this song belongs to Lincoln Brewster and all those involved.

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For the past 2 days had been very exciting for me to start working in Santos. Though I get home tired but there is a sense of satisfaction. =D

I got allocated to my desk today and meet my project leader. Surprisingly:

Name on desk
(i) I’ve got my name printed on my desk! Woohoo! Feel kinda welcomed and accepted though I’m just a 2nd year noob.

VoIP PhoneVoIP Phone up close... (ii) I’ve got my name displayed on the phone! (Yes I know I’m jakun)

Lap Top + Monitor (iii) I’ve got a lap top that I can bring home and an extra monitor for me to multitask! (Yes, even more jakun)

My project leader is from Brunei originally and has been working in Santos for 20+ years. It is really God’s divine blessing and intervention that I have a leader above me that is from the same culture as me and that I can speak the normal Malaysian accent (Not that I have an Aussie accent) to the one I’m reporting to. He is a really nice guy in his late 50’s maybe, with a very wide and friendly smile.

ViewA quick snap of the view of the company from my desk before I left today.

Everything in work is going on smoothly and I’m excited to what is coming. However still, my darling went home to Malaysia today. I’m already missing her like crazy and this will go on for another 3 months! How I wish I have the ability to teleport so that I could teleport back and forth between Adelaide and Malaysia so that I can meet Shee Laine, eat mamak and then come back here and work.

Miss you...

She’s the one I love and miss the most

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WHAT ON EARTH!?!?!?!?!

Take a look at this blog and you will soon scream exactly like the title of this post.

After looking at that, you might want to have some fun

Google works wonders.

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